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I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me will not hunger, and he who believes in Me will never thirst. – John 6:35

When Jesus told His followers that He was the bread of life, He was giving them a solution—not just for their physical hunger but also for their emotional, mental, and especially their spiritual hunger. We all experience cravings—things we long to have. Many of these cravings are God-given. Acceptance is certainly something God wants each of us to experience. The need to feel secure is a primary teaching for the Saviour. He came to earth to demonstrate God’s personal care for you and me.

When we try to live apart from God, our needs can quickly take control of our lives and become obsessions—mental targets that we cannot release.

Any habit that spirals out of control usually is a sign of a deeper problem—feelings of loneliness or rejection, depression, anxiety, fear of loss of control, or just plain boredom. When Jesus told the people that He was the bread of life, He wasn’t saying that he would fill their stomachs. He was teaching a greater truth: Whatever emotional, spiritual, or physical need we may have, He is the only One who can satisfy it.

The greatest need of your heart is the greatest concern for God. It may be that you truly do need a loaf of bread. Maybe you have recently lost your job due to a company layoff. Jesus is the bread of life, so when you turn to Him and declare your need of Him as your Saviour, He will not only satisfy your spiritual needs but also provide all that you need to live each day. Have you taken time today to tell Him what your deepest need is?