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This prayer has been on the site for a while, but I thought it was well worth posting here. It says such a lot...


New Zealand prayer from Anglican Taonga 2020

God of love and peace,
God of justice and fire,
when the order put in place disorders your grace with bullets and bullies,
hear those who shout, "I can't breathe."
In the midst of corporate control and the conspiracy of lies,
we plead, "I can't breathe."
As a virus raids a slum and insidiously tracks a migrant camp,
have mercy on those caught who cough and struggle, "I can't breathe."
As the cars return and the airlines receive huge government subsidies,
listen to the earth gasping, "I can't breathe."
The waters rise, God of sea and sky, but dominions do not rest from their wrecking power.
Heed the world as it cries, "I can't breathe."
When we continue to inhale and exhale
as if the suffocation did not matter,
as if our breathing were somehow separate from the struggles of others for air,
align our lives with our prayer.
Forgive us all that does not honour your love,
all that does not live gratefully from the gift of your grace,
all that restricts the communion that your Spirit extends far and wide.
Alongside all those who can't breathe,
we seek the fresh wind over the chaos of our lives,
setting us free, setting all your people free to breathe,
through Jesus Christ. Amen