This week we bid goodbye to a couple who have been mainstays at St. Oswald for many years. Ken and Jessie are leaving their home in Langley and moving to Chilliwack. What an amazing couple--their marriage spanning six and a half decades. Jessie, a fine poet, taught in a one room school in Alberta. Ken is a living link to our history, telling of riding his horse to school on the prairies. We owe a lot to them both--and we have the results of Ken's carpentry skills in the church. When it was being enlarged, he crafted five pews to match the heritage ones, as well as making a front for the choir that matched the rest of the woodwork.

Stay safe, dear friends.

Generous God,
 help them to treasure the memories of the place they leave behind,
 bless and protect the friends from whom they now part,
 and give them confidence to reach out in hospitality to others 
in theiur new home.
 May your Spirit travel with them, 
and meet them in the faces of new friends.
 For our journey, now and throughout our lives,
 begins and ends with you, Lord,
whose praises we sing wherever we make our home.