In the history section, you'll find out a bit more about St. Oswald. Most of the information we have about this holy man comes from the writings of the Venerable Bede. I wish we knew more--especially about the miracles associated with him.

For this first blog, I thought to share the hymn written especially for our patronal feast by the Rev. Dr. Don Grayston, our priest at the time. It is sung to the tune of Beach Spring.


Holy Oswald king and martyr
Refugee and royal son
Born in Christ upon Iona,
Later you your kingdom won.
There you raised the cross of Jesus,
In the vigour of your youth;
Taught your people of its meaning,
Faith and hope and love and truth.

From Iona you called Aidan,
Gave him Lindisfarne for home.
As translator and defender
With him did your kingdom roam,
Sharing Christ with all who met you, 
And baptizing as you went,
Knowing that you both as brothers
Were by God on mission sent.

Holy Oswald, now in heaven
Wear you an eternal crown.
Through the church, your sacred story
To our day has passed on down.
In this time of great confusion,
Hope and joys, yet many fears:
Pray for us as we salute you, 
One in christ across the years.