Joyce Mancinelli
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St. Paul tells us to "pray without ceasing." It was a tall order then...and it's a pretty tall order now. Just how can we pray without ceasing when there are so many distractions that call us into the world and away from God?'s a mind set. A mind set when you commit to leading a God centred life, rather than one that revolves endlessly around the material.  

Do you exercise? Do you run on the treadmill, ride a stationary bike, listen to music on your iPod as you workout on the eliptical machine. Two opportunities here. You could listen to praise music or you could simply turn off the sound and use the time to talk to God. Physical and spiritual wellness. The proverbial two birds with one stone.

Do you like to walk? I have a friend who has her own labyrinth, but few are as lucky. There are, however, many beautiful trails close to us. Walking by the Fraser, watching for the swift flight of blue's a time made for meditation.

Driving time...ah, there's a great opportunity. When I first learned to drive--rather late in life--I had to cross the Port Mann bridge every day. It terrified me! I used to sing hymns--loudly--as I crossed the dreaded span, hoping that God wouldn't take me if I was praising him. I'm still here, so it must have worked!

Then there's the waiting time. In a clinic. In a grocery line-up. At the dentist. Waiting for a friend who is running late. You don't need to set aside huge blocks of time. Those odd minutes of prayer can really add up. 

And you're talking to Someone who gives you undivided attention, all day, every day. 

Pray without ceasing.