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Once again we will mark our journey through Lent with the collection of socks to be donated to a local shelter. I love socks! I have a whole range of colours from fair isle in violent hues of pink and purple and yellow and blue, to a more sedate set of marls in turquoise and orange and...on second thoughts, they aren't really all that sedate. Though they are easy to pair up after the wash!

I bought several sets from a company I saw advertised on TV, called Bombas. I liked the idea that for every pair they sold, another pair would be donated to a shelter. I also liked the fact that when you call them with a problem, an actual human replies. If you've tried to contact any companies recently, you'll know what a boon this is!

But this isn't really an advertisment for a sock company. I just really liked the insert that came with my latest purchase. It explained that some socks had been donated. "Nothing huge," they said. "Just some little ol' socks." Then they added "So we're here to remind you small acts of kindness matter...these gestures add up. And when they do, great things can happen."

"This," they pointed out, "is easy to forget." So they provide a list of small stuff that can change the world, little by little. They give 52, one good deed a week for a year. Here's a few of their suggestions.

cook a little extra to share

call a friend you haven't spoken to for a while

let somebody merge into your lane

tell your server they're doing a great job

pick up a piece of litter

give away a completed punch card

Not difficult...

not difficult at all.