We have just celebrated thanksgiving--in our homes with friends and family, in our church with a wonderful dinner. It's great to have this formal time of giving thanks, but what about the rest of the year?

We had a wonderful priest once who said he started his day with thanksgiving when he swung out of bed and his feet touched a soft carpet. Thanks for a new day. Thanks for a roof over his head. Thanks for warmth and peace and comfort.

Our church is on a busy road. Often, during the service, we hear the wail of sirens. This same priest would pause in what he was doing and offer a quick prayer, a prayer that whoever needed the help would receive it and thanks for the skill of those going to the rescue.

Personally, never having been a confident driver, my fervent prayer when approaching the freeway is for God to merge me safely with the stream of traffic. So far, He has heard the plea!

So give thanks. Often.