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Purificators vanish. What can I say? One month we have a dozen, the next month we are down to three. Whilst exploring the internet, I came across a wondereful series of articles on church linens written by Elizabeth Morgan. I was fascinated--and learned so much about the making and care of linens that I emailed her to say how I had enjoyed her writing. The lady has a wicked sense of humour! Here's her response:

"I had the problem of disappearing purificators also.  One Sunday I saw an Altar Guild member rinse a purificator, squeeze it out, wrap it in a small plastic bag and put it in her purse. At our next Altar Guild meeting, I announced that I had found a really miraculous stain remover – even removed mildew!!!  I requested that anyone who might have stained purificators at home to bring them in so I could try out this miraculous stuff.  I told them that I had put a cloth bag behind the sacristy door, if they had any stained linens, just drop them in the bag and I’d see how well this miraculous stuff worked. Twenty three purificators turned up in the bag – nobody saw them being brought in. I do not allow plastic bags in the sacristy any more.  Those bagged purificators drop to the bottom of the purse and aren’t found for weeks.  By which time they are mildewed - and nobody will admit it. I lied about the miraculous stain remover.  But, we don’t lose any more purificators.  And, I did get the stains out. In Christ – Elizabeth"