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I have watched, with growing disgust,  the antics of the protesters shown on television. How very unCanadian--screaming obscenities in front of children, threatening the safety of politicians, spewing vitriol on Social media. Is this who we want to be? Is this who we want our children to be?

Perhaps it is. Perhaps we have become so utterly self-centred that the only point of view we can comprehend is our own. We cling to it, shutting out all others. We know better than the doctors and scientists. Fox news and the chat rooms told us the real truth. Closed minds. Closed hearts.

Let me try to put it in perspective--and in advance I would ask for your prayers for Estrella and her family. She lives in the northern Philippines, in a town which has been hit twice in two years by devastating cyclones. She's been locked down for a year in a town where some of those who broke quarantine have been shot. The president of her country has said anyone refusing the vaccination would also be shot. She would love to have been vaccinated but the only vaccines available were a few thousand SinoVac doses--and they certainly didn't work their way down to the average person. She wrote a couple of days ago that both her sisters have Covid. And her brother-in-law. And her parents. Both of them are really sick. Her mother is 87th on the wait list to get into hospital. Her father is 200th.

I wish I could help. But I can't. So please pray. It's the only assistance she's going to get.