The Saint Oswald Church Guild is made up of a group of parishioners who meet six times per year at the church hall.  The number of members averages around ten.  Our mandate is to organize fund-raising, charitable activities and social activities.  

Funds are raised through a variety of ways.  Guild members make items to sell throughout the year on the Guild table in the church hall.  Members also collect and return beverage containers through our recycle program.  In most years, a garage sale is organized by the guild and sales are well-attended.  In November, the guild holds its annual Christmas Craft Sale and Lunch.  This event is also well-attended because of the delicious lunch that is provided (by donation) and the chance to spend time with other members of the community.

Some charitable groups that have received donations directly from the St. Os. guild in the past few years are: Ishtar Women's Center, Covenant House, Anglican Diocese of the Arctic, Vancouver Sun Children's Fund, Langley Kimz Angels, Fraserside  Community Services Society, and the Langley Indigenous Education Fund.  The guild's annual Surrey Food Bank Drive in November and December usually collects 20 boxes of non-perishable food as well as cash donations from local Port Kells businesses and St. Os. parishioners.

The Guild has another function - overseeing the maintenance of the church, hall, gardens and cemetery.  With other parishioners, guild members ensure that the gardens, church and hall are clean and well-maintained.  Several times per year, guild members participate in a 'clean and tidy' session where even the many windows of the church are cleaned.  If an appliance needs replacing or other items need to be purchased, the guild is there.

This is a busy group and we are always looking for new members to help make St. Oswald's church a church that meets the needs of the parish and the community.