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Sometimes I wake in the night with a wonderful idea for a blog entry...and when I wake in the morning, the muse has fled. Hence the long--very long--distances between posts.

But I have to share what I believe to be a miracle. In the past couple of months, I have moved from a big house to a little townhouse (and you know the stresses of moving!). In that same time I was hospitalized with pneumonia. Coming home, despite having four shots and wearing a mask everywhere, I managed to get Covid. Getting over that, I developed an internal bleed. Got my bloodwork done and that afternoon my haematologist called and said to get to the hospital NOW and she would call ahead. Seven days and many units of blood later, I came home. Seeing my dermatologist the following week, he casually remarked that people with a 40 count of haemaglobin don't usually walk away from it.

But I did. And now I am left asking 'why?' What is it that I am supposed to do with the miracle of time that has been vouchsafed to me? I guess I pray and, as Don Grayston used to say, 'listen for the word of God.'

Which, I suppose is what we all should be doing anyway.