Fr. Gordon used this Cursillo prayer during his sermon on Sunday, Sept. 3rd. It's a great piece that should be read--and reread!



and the Lord said--”Go!”

and I said, who me?

and He said, yes, you

and I said But I’m not ready yet

and there’s company coming

and I can’t leave the kids

and you know there’s no one to take my place

and He said, you’re stalling


again the Lord said “go”

and I said I don’t want to

and He said I didn’t ask if you wanted to

and I said Listen, I’m not the kind of person to get involved in controversy

besides my family won’t like it

and what will the neighbours think

and He said Baloney!


and yet a third time the Lord said “Go”

and I said do I have to?

and He said Do you love Me?

and I said Lord I’m scared

people are going to hate me

and cut me into little pieces

I can’t take it all by myself

and He said Where do you think I’ll be?


and the Lord said “go”

and I sighed

Here I am, send me.