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Do you have any idea how long it can take to choose the hymns for our weekly service? Andree Stow has taken on this task for many years now. First, you have to read the scripture passages for the week, then search--either on the internet or in the hymn books--for lyrics that complement the readings. It takes Andree over an hour to choose our music...and there's always that nagging "Well, we've sung it before but will the congregation remember it?"

So, to give Andree a break, for the next few weeks, different folk will choose the service hymns and for once they don't have to be based on the readings. The Cook family (Sheila, Brenda, Laura and Lorna) selected the hymns for August 13th. They will be followed by Roylene and Charlie on the 20th, Sandy and Bob on the 27th, Ed and Eileen on September 3rd and finishing off with Louise, Elsie and Eileen on September 10th. Louise didn't hesitate. "I'm going on a cruise," she said. "I want to sing"For those in Peril onthe Sea...!"