Joyce Mancinelli
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It took a LOT of planning, and Sheila spent hours measuring and marking off areas with green painters' tape. Hand sanitizer? Check. Available masks? Check. Contact list? Check. Saran covered collection plate...yes, that, too. We had a trial run through to see how long it would take to clean the building. Four people can disinfect all the pews, door handles and light swithces in five minutes. (we even have our own individual cleaning supplies!!)

We were ready!

We chose to go with two short services, so that in total 20 'households' could be accomodated. Several sat in solitary splendour, a carefully measured 6 feet or more between them and their fellow worshippers.

We aren't allowed to sing, of course, even with the masks, although several sotto voce murmerings were heard, and it will likely be rather a long time before we are able to take communion again. BUT we are back 'home' and it feels wonderful!