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Let's get behind this appeal. Fr. Art says that he has seen the Primate's Relief Fund at work on the ground and they really do put your donations where they are most needed. This is from their website:

July 2, 2021
By Janice Biehn

PWRDF is offering assistance to the Territory of the People with a solidarity grant of $5,000. The Central Interior B.C. Territory is in dire need due to the sudden fire which destroyed the village of Lytton and Lytton First Nation Wednesday afternoon.

“We are all in shock at the tragic news of the fire in the village of Lytton, the Lytton First Nation, and surrounding areas,” says a July 1 letter signed by Archbishop Lynne McNaughton, Bishop Gordon Light and Bishop Barbara Andrews. “We wait in hope to learn whether all are safe. We are aware that many have lost homes and businesses, and are displaced into other communities. We don’t know the whole extent of the damage, but it is widespread and devastating.”

Read the whole letter here.

The fire comes after the record-breaking heat wave that baked B.C. for the previous five days. The fire started quickly, forcing residents to evacuate within minutes.

The Territory is currently raising funds directly to help clergy provide cash for emergency needs of those who have been made homeless or are displaced by the fire. Funds raised will also support future rebuilding.  

How can you help?
PWRDF is now accepting donations to the Territory of the People as it supports recovery from the fire. Give online to Emergency Response and type “Lytton Fire Emergency Fund” in the comments field. You may also donate by phoning Donor Relations Officer Mike Ziemerink at 416-822-9083, or leave a voicemail toll-free at 1-866-308-7973 and we will return your call. You may also send a cheque to PWRDF at 80 Hayden St., Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 3G2 and mark “Lytton Fire Emergency Fund” in the memo field.