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It is with sadness that I write of the passing of our eldest church member, Elsie Preedy. Elsie first attended St. Oswald's on Christmas Day, 1928 and passed away today, a week after her 92nd birthday. Despite the restrictions of the pandemic, she was able to have those closest to her around the clock as she neared the end of her life journey. 

Elsie was a cornerstone of the Guild, and could come up with the most creative ways to raise money for it! I vividly remember loading up her car on freezing mornings to be at the opening of the old flea market at 6 am. With garage sales and raffles (you contributed an item and then bought a ticket to win it back!), enough funds were eventually raised to rebuild the parish hall.

There are many, many Elsie stories. One day, when we can again come together, we will celebrate a long life, well lived.