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On the 8th of February, there appeared in the Vancouver Sun an article about an organization in New Westminster which works with folks who have developmental disabilities. They have contracts throughout the lower mainland and carry out  groundskeeping jobs.  Their work truck, which they use to get to their people to different sites, was stolen and wrecked. Their van, which carries the actual crews, was also stolen and damaged, but they were able to repair it. The truck, however, was a write off. With no means of carrying their lawnmowers and other equipment, they couldn't work. 

Enter Sandy, who had read the article and thought that this would be an excellent project for the guild. At our Zoom meeting, we decided to send them a cheque for $1000. All those jam and soap sales went to a great cause.

If you are reading this and hadn't heard of the need, you can send a cheque to Fraserside Community Services Society 330-550 Sixth Avenue New Westminster VCL 3B7 or online at

Donations are tax deductible.