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Dealing with Telus can be at best frustrating, at worst...well, since this is a church website, I cannot be totally candid. Suffice it to say that PATIENCE (and the ability to get up really early) is most definitely needed. However, the end result is that we do--ta-dah--now have a monitored fire alarm, which is tied into the security sustem. 

Eileen, using the skills of patience honed by contact with Telus, then set about dealing with the dead Norway maple. We are pretty certain that when Surrey messed around with the sidewalk, they caused it to die, but they aren't shouldering either the blame or the cost of taking it down. Another early morning for Eileen as she has to be there to wave the permit from Surrey. We have to plant another tree to replace it, but it can't be near a propertly line, overhead wires, buildings etc etc. When down't really leave us much wiggle room, unless one of our full time residents (aka the graves) is willing to share eternity with the roots of a new tree... At church committee, the very sensible suggestion was made to invite the arborist or bylaw person or whoever, to come out and indicate a spot on our grounds that meets their criteria. And if there isn't one, we should get our $400 back!

Watch this space for photos of the removal. And if you want firewood, come on down!