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Just waiting now to hear if the Archbishop will close our churches. I fully understand the public health science behind this type of decision--after all with only 4 cases, Manitoba has already closed its Anglican churches--but it is at times like this that we most need the comfort of our church family, the security that we feel when we gather in our little wooden building. But, if it is not to be, then we must somehow stay in touch.

Most of the parishioners have access to the internet and the website. Reg tells me that his pastor in Australia posts a message most nights and he is going to share some of these. I intend to publish a short item each day under the blog heading. On Sunday, there will be a 'virtual service'. No, not with videos and all that advanced technical stuff, but with a message from Father Gordon, a couple of prayers and one of the readings. 

Please make checking the website part of your daily routine.