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Lovely to see those who have been away all summer gradually start to return--like the swallows to Capistrano--back to St. Oz. Especially lovely to see John LaPlace down for a few days from the frozen north (aka Prince George!)

I know you can find these in several places on the internet, but it was really great to hear them as part of Fr. Gordon's sermon. So here they are again:

The Devil's Beatitudes

Blessed are those who are too tired,
busy or disorganised to meet with
fellow Christians on Sundays each week
They are my best workers

Blessed are those Christians who wait
to be asked and expect to be thanked
I can use them

Blessed are the touchy
with a bit of luck they may even stop
going to Church
They are my missionaries

Blessed are those who claim to love God
at the same time as hating people
They are mine forever

Blessed are the troublemakers
They shall be called my children

Blessed are those who have no time to pray
They are easy prey for me

Blessed are you when you read or hear this and
think it is about others and not about yourself
I’ve got you.

By John Stowell