We believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that his teachings and ministries are a blueprint for a loving and fulfilling life. Through prayer, we come into a closer relationship with God. We believe that worshipping together strengthens our faith as we share prayer, hymns and scripture.

Sacraments are vital in sustaining our relationship with God. Every Sunday there is the sacrament of Holy Communion, where we obey the teaching of Christ to partake of the bread and wine that represent his body and blood given for us.

God can transform us 
- From the very ordinary
- Into special people
- To do mighty deeds for his glory.

When God gives us vision
- He will empower us,
- He will equip us
- He will sustain us
   until his vision to completed.

- Let us not make excuses
- Let us trust in His love
- Let us pray for guidance
   to transform our fear into courage
   our weakness into strength
   our sadness into joy
   our despair into hope

God will take care of the rest.